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tv   Good Morning Washington at 500  ABC  February 4, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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good morning, washington. i am greta kreuz. >> and i'm alison starling. it is 5:00 a.m. on a friday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. adam caskey, good morning. >> it is a cold morning. it is not as gusty. that is the good news. we do not have the high wind to contend with. 19 in gaithersburg. 23 in winchester. quantico, 27 per it 30 degrees in downtown d.c. at this time. much cooler elsewhere. sunshine this morning and mid day. high temperatures around 40 degrees. relatively cold outside today. late tonight into tomorrow morning, we could have some
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light icing. keep that in mind. some scattered light rain showers off and on on saturday. the better day of the weekend will be on sunday, partly cloudy. 5:01. right now, natural route is reporting there aren't normal service systemwide. traffic around the beltway looks good. norris across the potomac river. -- no worries across the potomac river. 395 northbound at duke street is heading away from us on the right. we go to maryland and new hampshire avenue and the american legion bridge. >> looking good. thank you. organizers of anti- government protesters are calling for demonstrators in
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every square in cairo. >> the white house is in talks about president hosni mubarak's next move. courtney robinson has the latest. >> we are closely watching the streets of cairo this morning as protesters are expected to begin another day of bloody clashes. we could hear more from president obama to enter questions from reporters in relation to egypt today. officials are wrapping up for the immediate resignation of hosni mubarak. he told abc that he would not step down or leave egypt. many expect protest to grow in size and intensity ted. they are calling this the friday of departure. there are concerns about the safety of americans. they will continue to schedule flights out of egypt. one of the solutions the obama
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administration is proposing, mubarak handing power over to e egypt's vice president. they have determined mubarak stepping down is the fastest way to a peaceful resolution. we will continue watching the streets and bringing you the latest. >> thank you. we look at the day ahead. the january jobs report comes out in a few hours. it is expected to show 146,000 new jobs were created last month. unemployment is expected to rise to 9.5%. this is in date for s not mark kelly. the husband -- this is a decision day for astronaut mark kelly appeared he is expected to
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announce he will fly into space this spring. endeavor will lift off on april 19. more criticism of pepco. they filed a request to raise its rates. this request follows widespread outages during the recent storm. regulators are investigating whether pepco charged customers while they were in the dark. >> this is a double whammy for us. we've lost power five days last summer. >> pepco said customers have never paid for energy they did not use. the rate increase is necessary because of inflation and new technology. if the rate hike coaster, a couple using 1,000 kilowatt hours a month would see a monthly increase of more than $5. police are searching for a school administrator who is wanted on sex abuse cases.
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thomas wilson is an admissions director at washington christian academy. he is accused of touching a 14- year-old female and did it on several occasions. police say he disappeared this week after the girl and her parents came forward. there is a population surge. new details about the changing face of the commonwealth. fairfax county, the area of sock and 11.5% increase in population between 2000 and 2010 -- the area saw an increase of love and 0.5%. in loudoun county, population grew by 84% in the past 10 years. high occupancy toll lanes are back on for the 95 corridor in virginia. plans to extend them to alexandria have been scrapped.
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in the project is now in the works. lanes will stretch from garrisonville road -- garrisonville road and there will link directly to bill like hot lanes that our currency -- that are currently under construction. 5:06. >> 28 degrees. >> thank you. >> the new super bowl classic. a sneak peek at the latest commercials. >> some big changes for a fairfax -- for fairfax families. the latest school budget. fairfax -- for fairfax families. the latest school budget. >>
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5:09 on this friday morning. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. glad to see you're wearing your statement read for the association -- insatia statement red. >> 26 in woodbridge pretty college park, 29. it is not as a dusty as
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yesterday morning. it week's storm system is developing in the gulf of mexico. it will increase our clouds later today and evening and may bring some light icing around 3:00 a.m. we could have some very light icing. it could cause some slick spots on bridges and overpasses. maybe some mixed precipitation. more last freezing rain and the changing over to some light and cold rain. little to no impact, especially with the timing, saturday morning at 3:00 a.m. increasing clouds and a light wintry mix and possible icing and changing over to light rain showers. not much moisture with that system. sunday is looking good, partly cloudy, mid 40's.
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>> a possible car fired northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway after greenbelt road but before the exit for nassau employees. northbound baltimore-washington parkway. police are on the way. this is traffic in virginia. 395 moving nicely through landmark. in maryland, you're good along 270. folks in the district have no worries. metro rail, and normal service systemwide. 5:11. up of salt a food today. who makes the best hamburger? we want you to tell us which restaurant you think has the tastiest hamburgers. we are calling this the beltway hamburger battle. our food critic will taste your pecs. will announce the winner on "good morning washington" later
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this month. vote for yourself. 5:11. 28 degrees. >> coming up, iphone fans are lining up for the verizon version doesn't live up to the hype? >> the fairfax county school board voted to extend all-day kindergarten countywide. >> know when
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protesters are trying to force hosni mubarak to step down. they want supporters to fill every square in cairo. the white house is talking with
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egyptian officials about the possibility of mubarak's resignation and the formation of an interim government. people are calling in northern virginia -- more people are calling in northern virginia home. fairfax county's population grew 11.5%. officials at loudoun county's population grew 84%. a las vegas just is charged in connection with a holdup at the bellagio. please say he was arrested at the bellagio as it tried to take money in stolen chips. a push for all-day kindergarten has finally paid off. some critics are wondering how to pay for parry mike conneen is live with details. good morning. >> officials with fairfax county
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say the school board voted last bite directing the superintendent to implement a study over the next three years to implement all-day kindergarten a countywide. thousands of children in fairfax county attend schools that don't have all-day kindergarten. wolftrap is among those. >> my taxes are benefiting the entire county. i should get the same as every other parent in the county. >> 37 schools are still half-day programs. >> everybody assumes children in fairfax county, that will have full-day kindergarten. >> the curriculum and requirements that must be met of the same as full-day programs. educators say it is not fair for teachers or students. >> i feel it is more rushed and not as enjoyable. >> school officials say
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expanding all-day kindergarten it would require about 150 teachers and support staff, costing about $8 million. mike conneen, abc 7 news. two community swimming pools in springfield plant to install cell phone towers on their properties. neighbors are upset. they put up signs voicing their opposition. the pools are having financial problems. the supreme court is being urged to address the constitutionality of the health care reform law. ken cuccinelli once the lawsuit to go directly to the high court. the rules would bypass the lower-court that would have heard the court this coming may. a bill will be introduced to urge the justices to act soon.
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the battle over government spending is getting underway. a plan to cut the budget by 20% next year. the white house said that could cause widespread furloughs of federal employees and reduced government aid to local governments. internet buzzed could determine who is favored in the big game. we have more in our tech bytes. verizon stops taking pre- orders for their iphone. they have blown through its allotment. they say they have the right to slow down service for data hogs who slow down their networks. the verizon iphone lives up to the hype. >> the key differentiator is the
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network. i did not see any dropped calls testing phone in northern new jersey and here in new york city. >> the super bowl will be played this summit. the web has already picked a winner. who will win this year profit the web is picking the packers. those are your tech bytes. 5:19. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. i am happy it is friday. >> and no snow. we're happy about that. >> it was warmer yesterday. i was stuck inside yesterday. what a waste that was the correct i wish we could bottle that and put it on our shelves. temperatures will take a the mid
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of next week. we could see some snow and some mixed precipitation by next week. 37 in the district yesterday. freezing point in northern maryland and western maryland 340 degrees in fredericksburg kurt a far cry from the 67 we had on wednesday. 29 downtown. 19 in gaithersburg. 26 in quantico. we have a few high, thin clouds. it will be a sunny morning. we do have-clouds over our region. noticed this moisture over the southeastern state. this low pressure is developing over the gulf coast. that will push up the eastern seaboard late tonight and early tomorrow. a lot of sunshine this morning with high, thin clouds patrick increasing clouds this afternoon and evening with high
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temperatures around 40 degrees. tonight, that storm system will begin to affect us. areas of light icing are possible. we could have some freezing rain around 3:00 a.m. some light icing possible. changing over to a cold rain. high temperatures tomorrow, low 40's. partly cloudy on sunday. the temperatures will nosedived next week. metro rail is reporting they are on normal service. no major problems to report in virginia. here comes the traffic volume. 66 into manassas. we are good on 270 for now out of frederick. 70 is quiet. baltimore-washington parkway, a burning northbound into
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laurel. they will have to bring an additional equipment to treat the roadway. 5:21, 28 degrees. >> lebron james takes his talents into orlando and reminds fans why his move to whyheat with such big moves the quest legendary supermodels are live and behind the lens today at 4:00 p.m. drink in the rich, bold taste...
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>> it is like play against your big brother. >> that is nick young referring to gilbert arenas. arenas returns to the verizon center tonight for the first time since he was traded to orlando. >> the capitals take on the tampa bay in a game many are calling a must win. >> tim brant has the rest of the morning sports. >> good morning. the main stories about the super bowl has been about the frigid weather, the commercials, and bent roethlisberger singing in a bar. the starting center did not practice because of a ankle sprain. the packers are being quiet. donald driver says the game focus is critical.
5:26 am
>> the separation -- it separates you by winning the championship. these guys knows that you put everything on the side and lets with the spirit weaken party after we win. >> lebron james went off last night against orlando. he got into one of those can dance missed trances.'t miss tran just five points off its all- time high. 51 points for lebron james. >> thank you. 28 degrees. the news continues. >> the views special surprise for a teenage victim. >> i am courtney robinson. we are watching the streets of cairo as protesters gathered for another day. we will take it live look. >> some of the moisture over the
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deep south will push our way tonight and into tomorrow. deep south will push our way tonight and into tomorrow.
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captioned by the national captioning institute another day of chaos in cairo. the white house is calling for change. good morning, washington. it is friday, february 4. i am alison starling. >> i am greta kreuz. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. adam is in the weather center with our first forecast. it is colder than what we had yesterday. we don't have the high wind to contend with. some areas of moisture are
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moving in tonight. let's start with the temperatures. 21 in frederick. 18 in cumberland. culpeper, 25. 29 in downtown d.c. below freezing ever work again. we will have sunshine to start the day. increasing cloud cover. a weaker storm system with some moisture will push into our region tonight. around 3:00 a.m., we could have areas of plate freezing rain and possible. that will be during the onset of the precipitation late tonight and early tomorrow morning. then cold rain for the midday tomorrow and the afternoon. very light in nature. both 40's today. low 40's tomorrow. a car fire reported on baltimore-washington parkway close to 198 and now one on 95 maryland northbound near the
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exit that was taken to calvert compared northbound 295 and northbound 95 in maryland. the greenway, toll road, everything is wonderful in the traffic center. normal travel times on 95 in virginia and take you there live. headlights northbound from woodbridge to get to the pentagon moving at speed. metro rail is on normal service systemwide. thank you. we are following new developments as the crisis in egypt escalates. we have a live picture. look at the crowds of folks in cairo. anti-government demonstrators calling for their supporters to fill every square in the city today. >> it is a big day today. the obama administration in talks with egyptian officials about the situation. courtney robinson has more. >> they are in the middle of
5:32 am
morning prayer. many are concerned these protests will grow in size and intensity. we could see a much more violent clashes between pro and anti-mubarak demonstrators. we're also expecting to hear from president obama on egypt as he answers questions from reporters. officials say the administration is in talks with egyptian officials. they are not imposing a solution on each of. . will bark does not plan to leave egypt. a symbolic -- mubarak does not plan to leave egypt. americans will continue to charter flights out of egypt at of concern for their safety. courtney robinson, abc 7 news.
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stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage in cairo. the impact of the protest right here at home. moving on, some areas are still struggling to recover from this week's monster winter storm. three people died in oklahoma when their truck slid off a highway and plunged into an icy river. a deep freeze is selling in from texas all the way to maine. pepco is facing new criticism. they filed a request to raise its rates. this request falls widespread outage during the recent snowstorms. -- this request follows widespread outages. >> this is a double when it. we lost power for route 5 days last summer. >> pepco issued a statement
5:34 am
saying customers have never pay for energy they did not use. the rate increase is necessary because of inflationary and new technology. because producing 1,000 kilowatt hours a month will see a monthly increase of more than $5. police have made their last arrest in the murder of 18-year- old latisha frazier. she disappeared back in august. police are still looking for body. an unidentified man was arrested yesterday in the apartment where the murder allegedly occurred. five other people have been arrested already. the changing face of the commonwealth. numbers show the population surge in northern virginia suburbs. fairfax county grew to more than 1 million residents. loudoun county nearly doubled in size. pamela brown is live in alexandria with what this means
5:35 am
for this already crowded region. good morning. >> this maybe not much news for people who are living in northern virginia, seeing the roads get more and more clogged. according to the census bureau, va., specifically the northern virginia, has had a boom in population. the numbers have been driven up over the last few years. the number of hispanics almost 32,000. to 600 to this is how it breaks down by counties. fairfax is the largest growing, 11.5%. 1 million residents. loudoun county resident population increased by 84%. what impact walesa have proved it could mean a redrawing of
5:36 am
political districts based on population size. it could also lead to more resources for schools and roads in northern virginia. back to you. >> pamela brown, thank you. a plan to install a high occupancy toll lanes in virginia is back on. plans to extend them 6 miles for arlington county have been scrapped for a new project is now in the works. the lanes will stretch from garrisonville road to edsall road in fairfax county. it will link directly to beltway hot lanes that are currently under construction. 28 degrees. >> a bad time to be a student at a for-profit college. we will tell you why. >> how super bowl ads could be a sign of economic recovery. >> your traffic and weather
5:37 am
together every 10 minutes.
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hello. i am at the university of the district of columbia, where we are celebrating 160 years of scholarship and achievement in the nation's capital. >> good morning, washington!
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let's go! 30 degrees right now in the district. there are some upper teens north and in western maryland. let's start our friday morning. 19 in cumberland. 21 in warrenton. stafford, 22 degrees. 30 in downtown d.c. sunshine today an increasing clouds with highs around 40 degrees. low 40's inside the beltway. tonight, a weather maker pushes our way. areas of light icing are possible around 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. this morning. it should be little to no impact. we could have some light icing here and there on the roads if you venture out early tomorrow morning. rain showers on saturday.
5:41 am
sunday is the better of the two days of this weekend. near average, for a change, near 40's. near the freezing point for highs on wednesday. police in maryland reporting icing on 227. traffic, be aware. that is still frozen. north on the baltimore- washington parkway, police and fire units with a car fire. northbound baltimore-washington parkway. northbound 95, a car fire after the beltway near 212. we go live into montgomery county. traffic is moving at speed. no problems to report right now leaving the dulles greenway or the dulles toll road. but on 28 at the toll road -- good on 28 in sterling. 28 in chantilly is quiet. >> thank you.
5:42 am
18 it dream comes true after a nightmare that made national headlines. >> it tough financial times for one type of student. linda bell will have that story. >> but first, the price tag for linda bell will have that story. >> but first, the price tag for a super bow
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and receive $25 off your registration fee. because everyone deserves a lifetime. >> it is sold as bath salt. the a large news that can lead to dangerous hallucinations. our report, baths salt dangers, tonight at 5:00 p.m. anti-government protesters poured into cairo's main square for a massive demonstration aimed at forcing hosni mubarak from office.
5:46 am
it comes amid reports the obama administration is talking with egyptian officials about possibly forming an interim government. more people are moving to the d.c. area and they are settling in at virginia. fairfax county grew more than 11%. loudoun county grew 84%. president obama and the canadian prime minister will meet at the white house this afternoon. they are expected to sign an agreement to tighten border security and improved trade. one of the big attractions of the sunday super bowl will be the commercials. advertisers spend millions of dollars to try to grab your attention. we have a sneak peek of some of this year's promotions. >> $3 million 4030-second spot.
5:47 am
-- for a 30-second spot. betty white -- -- louis and roseanne -- richard lewis and roseanne will be in advertisements for the popular candy bar. audi is hitting it hard. younger americans are now intrigued by the super bowl. best buy understands that with the of what the combination of justin bieber and ozzie osborn. volkswagens mixes it up with a "star wars" ad. a crash the super bowl challenge. only six finalists will air on sunday. >> i wonder how much money he makes. >> this advertisement only cost $30 to make. there are the staples, companies
5:48 am
you hear from every year. >> ad time has the sold-out since last october. that is a sure sign of a recovery. 5:47. transportations plant now has approval from the house of the democrats. democrats are concerned that $3 billion of the money is borrowed. lending rates and construction costs are near record lows. tolls on maryland bridges and tunnels could soon increase. the maryland transportation authority is considering raising the toll is an average of 75 cents statewide. this is necessary to pay for the bonds on construction projects. council members in d.c. are making a lot of money compared with those in other cities.
5:49 am
city councils or it studied in 15 cities and it turns out los angeles council members have the highest salaries, $179,000 a year. d.c. is second at $141,000 a year. 5:49. your traffic and weather together every 10 minutes. i have not had to use my snow shovel or ice scraper. >> just an umbrella. >> late tonight and early tomorrow morning, we have some light icing. it should be low impact around 2:00 a.m. or 3:00 a.m. be aware. we could have some patchy areas of ice early tomorrow morning. just some scattered rain on saturday. yesterday, 37 in the district. our average high is 44. 70 is the record high.
5:50 am
i keep dreaming. i'm sorry. looking for another taste of spring. another arctic outbreak is expected by next week, wednesday highs to be below freezing. wednesday afternoon of next week. 19 in gaithersburg. we have some-clouds overhead. generally sunny. filtered sunshine this morning and mid day. the clouds will be increasing from the south. notice the rain showers along the southeastern states. from north carolina all the way to louisiana and texas. it is snowing again in texas. it is still cold and they are getting more snow. we will be on the age again between the rain mixed and the snow. -- will be on the edge.
5:51 am
some light, cold rate throughout our saturday. highs in the low 40's -- some light, cold rain. partly cloudy. near average, for a change. temperatures should take a nosedive at or below freezing by the middle of next week. that is your forecast. better on 95 in maryland. no car fire to worry about. both directions good between 495 and 625. there is a car on fire northbound on the baltimore- washington parkway near 198. temperatures are below freezing. the water needed will have to be treated once they move the car. we'll take you live to a couple of pictures. beautiful on the 14th street bridge. and maryland -- i love this
5:52 am
picture. thank you. we're good on 29 between colombia and silver spring. it is the little things. >> very good. thank you. the jobs report is being closely watched today. predicting the super bowl winner but unemployment rates. >> linda bell is here to explain. good morning. there is always a new indicator. maybe you're on the fence and you cannot decide who will win the super bowl. compare each city's unemployment rate. the team with the metro area with the lower jobless rate has won 16 of the past 18 super bowls. expect the green bay packers to win. as many as 146,000 jobs were
5:53 am
created last month. students attending for-profit colleges are more than three times likely to default on those loans. that is according from new data from the department of education. students who defaulted over the first two years. the rules do change next year. the department will start monitoring 3-your default rates instead. i am linda bell reporting for abc 7 news. back to you. >> interesting about the super bowl. we will have to check it out. 28 degrees.
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we have a follow-up to the brutal bully episode outside of philadelphia. >> you remember the story about a boy who was badly beaten by a gang of boys. the victim appeared on "the view" yesterday to talk about the nightmare. >> please welcome deshean jackson. [cheers] >> a group of philadelphia eagles came out to me to the brave young man.
5:57 am
desean jackson gave him his jersey. he said the team need some backup in the future. they are on a. he was crying. >> i would be , too. it is so heartwarming. that is so sweet. >> believe they were arrested yesterday. technology helped reunite a dog owner with her owner after a search for years. a dog disappeared from hollywood, florida, three years ago. all that time, brenda held out hope because lassie had a microchip implanted when she was just a puppet. a good samaritan notice the dog and tucker to services where they found the chip and guess what, they have been reunited. lassie is enjoying her new home puts another heart warming story. 5:57 is the time.
5:58 am
much still to come in our next hour. >> a poorly timed tree caused a backlash for kenneth cole. >> the commonwealth
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